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Maytag MEC7430BS Review

30″ Electric Cooktop  8.5/10


Maytag MEC7430BSMaytag’s 30-inch electric cooktop has a glossy, wide surface to accommodate pots and pans of all sizes with ease. The 10-inch element is suited for extra-large pans, and the Speed Heat element reaches high temperatures quickly with an impressive 3,200 watts. As is the case with most electric cooktops, it takes some heavy scrubbing with a cleaning solution to clear away grease and smudges, but when it’s well-maintained, this model will add to the attractiveness of the kitchen. At $629.10, this is a very reasonably priced cooktop with superb performance.


Speed Heat element heats up quickly with 3,200 watts

Durable glass surface resists scratches and shattering

Accommodates pots and pans of various sizes

Sleek, uncluttered appearance

Easy-to-clean surface


Only 4 burners


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