LG LSCG306ST Review

30″ Gas Cooktop  8.5/10


LG LSCG306STA sturdy, top-performing gas cooktop from LG, this model has five sealed burners wide enough to hold skillets, griddles, and woks. Its most powerful burner, located in the center, has the heating power of 19,000 BTUs. Other burners are low-powered and suited for gentle, even simmering. The blue LED backlights for the knobs that are turned on are a handy feature and nice looking, too. You won’t be disappointed with the sturdy cast-iron continuous grates and this cooktop’s overall performance. At $799, it’s fairly priced, too.


Cast-iron continuous grates are of heavy-duty construction

Ranges from 5,000 to 19,000 BTUs for simmering and boiling capabilities

Knobs are backlit in blue to remind you which burners are on

Spacious enough to hold large griddles, woks, and skillets

Intuitive controls give you precise control over temperature


Grates are slightly close together


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