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Best Gaming Mice

Top 10 Rated Gaming Mice 2024


When choosing the top 10 best gaming mice of 2012 we looked into multiple factors to make sure only the best were chosen. Those include:

1. Sleekness
2. Comfortable to use for multiple hours
3. Holds well in your hand
4. Customizable via software and or hardware
5. Simple and elegant in design
6. How it performs on normal desktop use outside of games
7. Price for value
8. Technology on mouse
9. Who is the mouse for?
10. DPI and tracking

Whether you play MMORPGS or FPS’s, you will find a mouse below for all situations. These are our top 10 best gaming mice of 2012.

Razer Deathadder  9.5/10

3500 DPI
1000Hz “Ultrapooling” 1ms response time
Infrared Sensor
7 foot braided fiber cord
1 lb
Right-Handed Design

One of the most popular gaming mice is the Deathadder by Razer, a top seller for years. There is a reason for that too. The mouse is sleek in design and will fit your hand perfectly with its ergonomic right-handed…
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Logitech G400s  9.5/10

Gaming grade Laser
On-the-fly adjustable DPI up to 4000 DPI
Compatible with Windows
8 Programmable buttons

Extreme precision combined with extreme comfort make for a great mouse. The 4000 DPI Delta Zero Optical Sensor gives you great precision for accuracy when it comes to a first person shooter…read more

Razer Abyssus  9/10

Optical Gaming Mouse
3500 DPI
Hardware Toggles for DPI and Polling Rate
1000 Hz polling rate

The Razer Abyssus is a gaming mouse designed for those who don’t want to break the bant. Comfort and precision aren’t skimped on, but the Abyssus doesn’t have all of the robust features…read more

5,700 to 11,4000 CPI
7 Programmable Buttons
Plug-N-Play, No drivers
Ambidextrous Design

The Steelseries Xai re-imagined – these mice look too similar because they are. The Sesnsai is the later version of the Xai, but that doesn’t always mean the better…
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Right Hand Design
7 Buttons
3200 DPI
No Drivers or Software

A more un-known brand, the Mionix Naos 3200 is an optical LED mouse named after one of the brightest stars in our galaxy. Using only the best and quality parts, this mouse…
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3200 DPI
5 Buttons
Extremely unique design

The R.A.T. 3 by Cyborg has a really unique look, it looks like a device from the future and that’s because it is. This mouse is complicated looking…
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Wired – USB
Right Handed
5 Buttons + 2 fix function buttons
2000 DPI

For those gamers with the “claw” grip on a budget, this is the gaming mouse for you. Great for FPS games, it has a 2000 DPI sensor with on the fly adjustment…
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3500 DPI
7 Buttons
Right Handed
“Claw Grip”

Another mouse designed for FPS gamers with a “claw” grip – this is a solid mouse. 3500 DPI with on the fly adjustments and extremely accurate scrolling with it’s wheel encoder…
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Opitcal – USB
Right Hand
5 buttons
Up to 1600 DPI
Super Cheap

Lets say your new to gaming, or only game casual. You work more from home. But you want a mouse that can game with a higher DPI then most normal mice. But you also don’t want to shell out $70…
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Jon Bannister Jon Bannister has always had an interest in the latest technology and gadgetry. A graduate of the Georgia Tech computer science program, Jon has a very technical and working knowledge on how computers interact with and improve… See more about Jon

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