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Razer Deathadder Review

Gaming Mouse  9.5/10


Razer Deathadder Gaming MouseOne of the most popular gaming mice is the Deathadder by Razer, a top seller for years. There is a reason for that too. The mouse is sleek in design and will fit your hand perfectly with its ergonomic right-handed design, allowing for hours of play without it becoming uncomfortable. Paired with a 3500DPI infrared sensor, you have 4x the precision of a normal mouse, giving you a huge edge on competition. With 1000Hz of “ultrapooling” you will get a 1ms response time. The software interface with the mouse will let you customize your mouse to a tea for your desired settings. Gold plated usb cord and 7 foot braided fiber cable, this mouse is the choice of many gamers who want to be the best, many years in a row. All this for a great price.


Software for tweaking mouse settings is very precise

Right hand design feels good for righties

Mouth controls smooth, scrolls smooth, performs well out of game in amazing in game

One of the best priced and best performing mice on the market


Obviously if your left handed this mouse wont work for you