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Sennheiser CX215

Earbuds  8/10


Sennheiser CX215 Earbuds
Sennheiser has made a great name for itself when it comes to headphone quality. These mid-range earbuds are no different. Sound quality and noise cancellation is what you get when you buy these earbuds. Sennheiser also included a 2 year warranty, so there is no need to worry about parts breaking early on. The CX215 headphones normally sell for $39.95.

Quick Specs

  • 5 bright colors available
  • 20 – 22,000 Hz frequency response
  • 110dB, 16 ohms

These earbuds are a great budget option that provide outstanding sound

Very comfortable for extended listening periods

Noise isolation prevents sound from escaping or entering


These earbuds aren’t necessarily designed as workout earbuds. They tend to slip out of the ear with lots of movement

The cord conducts a lot of noise as it rubs against clothing or other objects. This can be a problem for some users



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