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Slik Pro 700DX

74.8-inch Stand Tripod  9/10


Slik Pro 700DX Digital Camera Tripod
The Slik Pro 700DX tripod is truly a solid tripod. With the ability to hold up to 15 pounds and extend to a maximum height of almost 75-inches, you will be hard pressed to find a time when this tripod won’t get the job done. It features alignment grooves on the legs to prevent leg twist, a quick-release mount with dual safety locks, bubble levels, and a 3-way panhead with controls for pan & tilt. The 700DX is truly a photographers tripod. You can pick the 700DX up for $159.99, not a bad deal at all.

Quick Specs

  • 74.8” height
  • 15 pound load capacity
  • Flip lever locks
  • 7 pounds

A great tripod for tall shooters, or those finding themselves needing more height out of their current tripods

Able to switch between a pan head and a ball head easily

Leg extension locks feel very sturdy and should last a long time

Overall a top quality construction and build


This may not be a good tripod for carrying on hikes or walks around town due to the weight


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