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Govino Review

Wine Glass  7/10


Govino Review: 8-Pack Shatterproof, Recyclable Stemless Wine Glasses
If you like to party outdoors, then you know it’s risky bringing along your fancy wine goblets. If you’re at a public pool, glass isn’t even allowed. But with the Govino stemless wine glasses, you won’t have to worry about breaking or losing a couple. Made from a special polymer material called PETG, these “glasses” resemble crystal but are actually flexible and shatterproof. A thumb notch makes them easy to grip. You can hand-wash the set of 8 glasses, priced at $25.90, so many times and then eventually recycle them. Yes, they’re disposable, but they’re amazingly clear and look nicer than plastic goblets.


Flexible and unbreakable

Suited to rough use outdoors, at picnics, and at the pool

Reusable and recyclable

Reflects the wine’s color and projects its aroma like crystal

Features an ergonomic notch for the thumb

Rests on a flat base with no stem


Must be hand-washed

Designed to be disposed of or recycled after an extended period of use


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