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Best Riding Lawnmowers

Top 10 Rated Riding Lawn Mowers 2024


With riding lawn mowers, you want the same performance you get from a walk-behind mower but in a much larger package. Riding lawn mowers are the ideal choice if you have a lot of property to cover. Here are some of the most important factors we looked for when we selected the top 10 ride lawn mowers:
1. Controls easy to access and operate
2. Comfortable seat
3. Tight turning radius
4. Wide cutting path
5. Powerful motor for cutting and mulching
6. Smooth riding over varied terrains
7. Variable speeds and adjustable deck height
8. Easy handling and maneuverability

Troy-Bilt 420cc  9.8/10

5 Height Adjustable Blade
15 HP
2 Year Limited Warranty
420cc Single Troy-Bilt Engine
30 Cutting Deck

Troy-Bilt 420cc Riding Lawn MowerThis little rear engine 30” riding mower is one of the best sellers in the country and one of the only rear engine mowers. The little 420cc Powermore has a cast iron cylinder sleeve, pressure oiler and a screw on automotive type oil filter. You get around 15 HP on this solid little engine… read more

John Deere D170  9.7/10

2 Year Bumper to Bumper Warranty
Cut Width 54 inches
Rear Wheel Drive
Transmission: Hydrostatic

John Deere D170 54 in. 25-HP V-Twin HydrostaticThe 54” blade cutting width on this John Deere model will help you get through large lawns quicker. It has excellent cutting capability from the edge cutting system. A 25 HP V-twin engine has some nice extended life features… read more

20 horsepower
540cc engine
42-inch cutting path
2.5 gallon tank capacity
5.2 mph maximum speed

This is one solid riding lawnmower that comes loaded with useful features. Things like the fender mounted cutting height adjustment, air induction, anti-scalp wheels, and hydrostatic…read more

15.5 horsepower
1.5 gallons tank capacity
42-inch cutting path
459 pounds

The Poulan Pro PB155G42 riding mower provides great maneuverability with a tight 18-inch turning radius. Able to cover medium to large lawns and properties in a short time with the 42-inch deck…more

John Deere D130  8.5/10

22 horsepower
724 cc engine
42-inch cutting path
2.4 gallon tank capacity
5.5 mph maximum speed

For an automatic transmission ride mower in its class, this 42-inch John Deere model may be getting into the expensive range at $1,899… more

17.5 Horsepower
42 inch cutting width
496 lbs.
1.5 gallons
5 mph maximum speed

The Troy-Bilt Pony riding lawn mower is ideal for small to medium sized lots and yards. The “Pony” in the name gives most of it away. It’s a smaller mower, but still offers a punch…more

16.5 HP endurance engine
30-inch 13 gauge cutting deck
3 gallon gas tank capacity
6.5 mph maximum speed
395 lbs.

This is one of the more expensive mowers on the list, but for good reason. The Husqvarna RZ3016 doesn’t have all the horse power some of the other mowers have, but it’s lighter and exceeds their top speeds…more

17.5 horsepower
502 cc motor
42-inch cutting path
450 pounds

Offering great value for its low price of $900, this Yard Machines 42-inch ride mower has a handy shift-on-the-go transmission system that lets you adjust the speed … more

23 horsepower
724 cc motor
48-inch cutting path
540 pounds
69.3″ x 59.8″ x 41.4″

An efficient, compact riding mower from Husqvarna, this hydrostatic transmission model provides a smooth, easy ride with two separate pedals for forward … more

190 cc engine
26-inch cutting path
196 pounds
58″ x 29″ x 39″

For small, flat yards, the Weed Eater WE-ONE will get the job done faster than a walk-behind mower. Its 190 cc engine demonstrates a great cutting performance, and three forward speeds … more

19.5 horsepower
46-inch cutting path
530 pounds

Built with durable parts meant to last a long time, the Yard-Man 46-inch ride mower runs smoothly with an auto-drive transmission. Its wide deck cuts through tall, thick grass easily … more


Riding Mowers Buying Guide

4 Ways to Mow Really Tall Grass

Does your lawn resemble a jungle? Either you’re blessed with fast growing grass, or you’ve neglected your mowing duty for too long. In either case, if you don’t have a riding mower, you may have to do double the work to take care of the problem.

  1. First, try mowing on the highest height setting. Wait a couple days before mowing the yard again at a normal setting.
  2. Is the grass too stubborn or is your mower not up to the task? If mulching doesn’t work, try bagging the clippings.
  3. If the mower keeps clogging, try a narrower strip, say 6 to 12 inches, with each mowing pass.
  4. If all else fails, set your mower to side discharge. You’ll have to rake up the clippings afterward, but at least you’ll have tamed the jungle.

Now that you know how much extra work is involved in cutting tall grass, you’ll be motivated to keep up with a regular mowing schedule.

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