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Best Pressure Washer

Top 10 Rated Pressure Washers 2024


Pressure washers are an essential tool for keeping the outside of your home clean. Made for blasting through grime on cars, boats, driveways, grills, and house sidings, a pressure washer carries exponentially more power than a regular garden hose. As we compiled our top 10 list for pressure washers, we considered the following qualities:

1. PSI (pounds per square inch)
2. GPM (gallons per minute)
3. Motor strength
4. Durability
5. Design and maneuverability
6. Ease of start up
7. Hose length
8. Loudness
9. Efficiency

Stanley P2750S  9.5/10

2,750 PSI
2.5 GPM
25 ft. hose
4-cycle engine

A compact, lightweight gas-powered pressure washer, the Stanley P2750S makes light work of cutting through grime and dirt. It packs 2,750 PSI and 2.5 GPM…read more

1,900 PSI
1.5 GPM
14 amps
20 ft. hose

With a 30 ft. power cord, you won’t have trouble carrying this lightweight power washer around to clean your decks, driveway, and outdoor tools. The AR Blue Clean AR383 includes…read more

3,100 PSI
Honda GC190 engine
10-in. tires

Simpson Megashot MSH3125The Simpson Megashot MSH3125-S boasts a Honda GC190 engine, a sturdy metal frame with 10-inch tires, and 3,100 PSI of pressure power. It starts easily…read more

Troy-Bilt 020568  8.5/10

2800 PSI
2.3 GPM
Briggs & Stratton OHV engine
CARB compliant

Troy-Bilt 020568One of the special features of the Troy-Bilt 020568 we noticed quickly was the fold-down handle, which enables easy, convenient storage. Additionally, the trigger is easy to pull. With 2800 PSI, this pressure…read more

3100 PSI
2.8 GPM
Briggs & Stratton engine
CARB compliant

Husqvarna 020490One of the best features of the Husqvarna 020490 Gas Pressure Washer is the three-gallon fuel tank, which allows you to run the machine for longer periods without having to stop and refuel. The Briggs…read more

1500 PSI
1.3 GPM
Electric pressure washer

Greenworks 51142For the amazingly low price of $99.98, the Greenworks 51142 handles light-duty outdoor cleaning tasks very well. The motor runs quietly, which is a nice bonus. We were satisfied with the on-board tool…read more

Generac 6549  8/10

2800 PSI
2.5 GPM
196-cc Generac OHV engine
25-foot hose

Generac 6549We were impressed by the well thought out design of the Generac 6549, which with its horizontal engine design takes up very little room. Despite its compact design, this gas pressure washer packs…read more

Stanley P1600S  7.5/10

1,600 PSI
1.4 GPM
20 ft. hose
35 ft. cord

Stanley P1600SIf you’re looking for a lightweight, portable pressure washer for light tasks around the house, then you won’t be disappointed with the Stanley P1600S electric pressure washer…read more

1800 PSI
1.3 GPM
35-foot cord
15-foot hose

Karcher 1.418-050.0With 1800 PSI, the Karcher 1.418-050.0 electric pressure washer has enough power to handle most light-duty cleaning tasks. The motor runs incredibly quietly, so no need for earphones. While as an electric…read more

Pressure Washer Buying Guide

So you want to buy a pressure washer to keep your patio, vehicle, walkways, or house siding looking new and sparkling clean. The next step is choosing a pressure washer that’s right for you and your specific needs. Let’s look at some specific points you should consider.

Gas or Electric

Most people will tell you that gas-powered pressure washers are better for heavy duty cleaning tasks. They have a great deal more power than electric models. They also use much more water, up to 2 or 3 GPM. If you don’t feel like maintaining a gas model, or if you prefer a less expensive, quieter pressure washer, then an electric-powered model might be the better choice. Just be aware that it’s better suited for lighter tasks.


You know that by multiplying the PSI (pounds per square inch) and the GPM (gallons per minute), you get the CU (the cleaning unit), or cleaning power of the pressure washer. Here’s a breakdown of the different grades of pressure washers, and which kind you should seek out depending on your needs.

Consumer Grade Electric Models 1,300–1,800 Max 1.5 Light, occasional jobs

  • washing car
  • spot cleaning
  • shutters, lawn chairs, etc.
  • Consumer Grade Gas Models 2,000–3,000 Max 2.5 Heavy, frequent jobs

  • cleaning decks/sidewalks
  • house siding (stains)
  • Profession Grade Gas Models 3,000 + Max 4 Professional, hard, frequent jobs

  • tough stains
  • industrial jobs
  • paint stripping
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