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Top 10 Budget 32”,37”,40”,42” LED TVs 2014


The small LED TV category is still very important to the average North American consumer. We’ve included a solid list of the Best LED TVs for 2012 based on the following qualitative and value criteria:

  • 1)Solid Picture Quality based on:
    • A) Not too much motion lag
    • B) Somewhat decent side angle viewing
    • C) Color saturation and realism
  • 2)Features Set (Internet, menu, remote, function)
  • 3)Plenty of HDMI inputs
  • 4)Appearance
  • 5)Price/Value per size and quality
  • 6) Sound Quality
  • 7) Consistent Long Lasting with 1 year warranty

(W x H x D): 29.1″ x 17.5″ x 1.9″ without stand
11 lbs.
1080p Resolution
60Hz Refresh Rate
Clear Motion Rate 120

At less than $300 this is going to be a crowd-pleaser all year. Appearance and design are also much better than the competition in the 32 inch size range…Read More

LG 42LN5400  8.5/10

38.11″ x 22.28″ x 3.11″ without stand
120Hz Trumotion (manipulated 60Hz)
1080p Full HD resolution
2 HDMI Inputs/ 1 USB

The LN5400 series features direct lit LED backlighing rather than the more common edge lit LED variety. It can help produce a better picture through local dimming…Read More

Toshiba 32L2300U  8.5/10

720p Resolution
60Hz rate
LED Backlighting
29.1W X 17.5H X 1.9D

These little Toshiba TVs offer some great value. The picture on the L2300U is fine. First, you’ll see that the brightness is better than most…Read More

36.5″ X 24.7″ X 1.9″ without stand
1080p Resolution
60Hz Refresh Rate
Clear Motion Rate 120

As the low end of Samsung’s lineup this model promises to be a great seller. Side angle viewing is better than most LED TVs of this price range due to the clearer screen…Read More

Vizio M401i-A3  8.5/10

36.28” W x 21.54” H x 2.02
120Hz refresh rate

The picture on this TV will depend a lot on the picture mode you select. We recommend you use the “Calibrated” Picture Mode if you are not going to professionally calibrate…Read More

LED Full Array Backlighting
60Hz Refresh

This 40 inch Sony model is bound to be a crowd pleaser at only $449. The KDL40R450A has an anti glare flat coat to the screen that actually ends up reflecting…Read More

1080p resolution
120Hz Razor LED Backlit

The E401i-A2 utilizes Razor LED backlighting systems to create a fantastic 1080p picture on this set. It’s also got a refresh rate of 120Hz and a 6ms response time…Read More

31.5” Diagonal Picture Measurement
720p Resolution
Direct LED backlighting
2 HDMI inputs
USB input

This is the bottom of the barrel for Sony’s 2013-14 LED TV options. That doesn’t mean quality has been overlooked. This is an ideal TV for a kid’s playroom, bedroom…Read More

37.7″ x 22.2″ x 2.0″
3 HDMI Inputs
42” Diagonal
LCD backlighting

Panasonic reduced some key picture quality elements to make the TC-L42E60 a much more value oriented model. The most important difference is the LCD panel…Read More

720p Resolution
Direct LED backlighting

The LC-32LE450U is a bit of a strange sight considering Sharp is really pushing the large screens this year. 32 inches is their smallest while 90 inches… Read More


LED/LCD TV Buying Guide / Articles

Budget 32” to 42” LCD TV Buying Guide

What features and performance attributes to look for in a discount small LCD or LED TV

Picture Quality
No matter what, you can never overlook the #1 top feature in a TV and that is picture quality. Black levels, off-center viewing angle contrast, picture brightness, clean image edges. These are all attributes to look for in choosing an LCD TV.

Sound Quality
This often overlooked feature is super important if you will not be using an external surround sound system with your TV. Lately, some of the manufacturers have come around to improving sound quality with new systems and speakers.

HDMI inputs and USB inputs are increasingly important in todays TVs. Make sure yours has these in abundance.

Menu/Remote Control Function
This should be easy and simple to use. Two clicks should put you on the picture settings controls or wherever you want to be. It should also be intuitive to use without having to look at the manual.

Consistent Long Lasting Performance
This is another often overlooked category with some of the lesser 2nd and 3rd tier brands. The price might seem right until a year down the road when the TV stops working due to a power supply problem or video board issue.

Parts Availability/ Warranty
The top tier manufacturers stand by their products better and they are easier to have repaired. They also come with a 1 year warranty as opposed to the 90 day warranty some of the lesser brands have. All the TVs in this list have a 1 year warranty. For a good solid TV warranty extension see

Price and Features
When it comes to price, you have to know the features you can live without. Is 3D important – you will pay more. Is a high Hz rate important – you will pay more. Smart TV, same situation. Great HD picture, same. Know what features you really do want and what you can live without if you want to save money.

Steve Holdgren Steve Holdgren is an engineer by trade and has worked for some of the largest energy related engineering firms in the world with his latest stint in Switzerland. He holds a degree is mechanical engineering… See more about Steve

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