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Whirlpool WMH31017A

1.7 cu ft Over-the-Range Microwave  8/10


Whirlpool MT4155SPBA stable, recessed and stoppable glass turntable makes this a very flexibile Whirlpool over the range budget model. The WMH31017A is a very bare bones microwave but with 1000 watts of cooking power food heats up evenly and quickly. The turntable measures in at 12 inches in diameter, so all sorts of plates and dishes will easily fit inside. The controls are simple and easy to program. There are convenience cooking buttons for making it easy to start foods that are most commonly cooked in the microwave. The Add 30 Seconds button is one of the most useful. Best of all, this Whirlpool microwave packs in a lot of features for a low price of $189.99.


Cooks uniformly with Maxwave system

Great price

Easy to clean

1.7 cubic feet of space inside is plenty for all sorts of dishes

Add 30 seconds feature


220CFM exhaust fan is not as powerful as some other microwaves on our list

No sensor cooking options

No child safety lock features


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