LG LMV1683

1.6 cu. ft. Countertop Microwave  8.5/10


LG LCRT2010STI noticed the solid and top quality construction as one of the best features of this LG countertop microwave. While many other microwave have a flimsy swinging door, the door on this one door feels heavier and closes with a confident snap. The sleek stainless steel finish makes for a sophisticated look, offset by the black window and console. It has a child-lockout safety feature for an added sense of security for homes worried about their little ones accidentally starting the unit. There are even energy saving features built right causing this microwave to use almost no power when in standby mode. For only $250, the LG microwave is a valuable purchase offering high-quality performance.


Roomy interior cavity holds variety of dish sizes

Quick defrost settings

1-touch cooking options make some of the most frequently microwaved items a snap

Soften/melt option

Appealing stainless steel finish (White or black finish is also available)


The microwave is loud when in use

No sensor cooking options


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