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Thrustmaster VG Y-250

PC and Console Gaming Headset  8.5/10


Thrustmaster Y-250 Gaming Headset
Not only does the Y-250 gaming headset from Thrustmaster sound great, but it looks great too. 50mm drivers are encapsulated in the ear cups to deliver a large sound for the best gaming experience. Highs and lows are reproduced accurately to fully deliver the sound as it was meant to be heard. These headsets feature a detachable unidirectional high quality mic. It does an excellent job of cancelling out surrounding noise so only a gamer’s voice gets transmitted. Every gamer knows how important that is. The Y-250 gaming headsets also feature inline controls for volume, bass levels, and voice feedback. Controls located on the cable make it extremely easy to adjust every aspect of sound. And most importantly, they are comfortable. That is probably one of the best qualities in a gaming headset since they will typically be worn for longer periods of time. In any case, the Y-250 gaming headset is well worth the $89.99 price. That price goes across all platforms.

Quick Specs

  • Gaming headsets for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360
  • Two 50mm speakers
  • 10 Hz to 25 KHz frequency
  • 348 to 364 grams

Different models for each platform ensure the best compatibility

High quality mic is detachable

On/Off switches available for mic and voice feedback

Comfortable to wear for long periods

Sleek design

Excellent sound quality


Console versions cannot adjust game volume with cable controls

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