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T-Fal C836SC64

12-Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set  8/10


T-Fal C836SC64
This cookware set from T-Fal features copper bottoms that helps distribute heat evenly, reducing hotspots. Shiny stainless steel coats the aluminum core, ensuring both durability and good heat conduction. While these aren’t the non-stick type of pans, we didn’t notice any significant food sticking; the pieces were easy to wipe clean and put in the dishwasher. It’s convenient being able to transfer the pots and pans from the cooktop to the 500-degree oven for baking. The lids fit snugly and seal in the moisture and flavor. We felt the high-quality items you get for $109.99 make this cookset a worthy purchase.


Glass lids are transparent and hold in heat, moisture, and food nutrients

Dishwasher friendly

Sturdy, durable feel

Limited lifetime warranty

Safe in a 500-degree oven

Saute pans have gently curved sides ideal for flipping foods

Multilayer base distributes heat evenly and reduces hotspots


Some food may stick, but it comes off with soaking and light scrubbing


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