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Farberware 71238

17-Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set  9/10


Faberware 71238
Farberware has provided a great deal for families just starting out in a new home or looking to replace an old cookware set. This 17-piece set for only $114.54 includes 3 saucepans, 2 saucepots, 2 skillets, 3 nesting bowls, a cooking sheet, and a cake pan. The stainless steel surfaces are durable, don’t warp, and are easy to clean in the dishwasher. The tight-fitting lids are interchangeable and create a nice seal on the pots and pans. You can safely place the items in a 350-degree oven. With aluminum cores, the pieces heat evenly and don’t get hotspots. For such a reasonable price, it’s hard to pass up this attractive and functional set. It’s backed by a limited lifetime warranty.


Fully-capped aluminum for quick, even heating

Tight stainless steel lids for pots and pans

Plastic covers for nesting bowls

Dishwasher friendly

Limited lifetime warranty

Safe for a 350-degree oven

Non-stick surfaces

Great value


Skillets are harder to clean than the other items


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