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Steel Series XAI Review

Gaming Mouse  10/10


Steel Series XAI Gaming MouseThe SteelSeries XAI is a mouse for FPS gamers and anything in between. It is smooth and simple in design and performance. The backside features an LCD display that you can customize your mouse to use different profiles on the fly. Built in drivers allow you to plug the mouse in via USB and start playing instantly. With a slew of technologies behind the mouse including automatic lift distance, you will be sure to get that head-shot every time in game. An anti-tangle braided cord adds to the durability of this mouse making it a simple, durable, elegant, mouse to use for gaming. With 8 total buttons, yet elegant and simple, its got plenty for everyone. This is one of my favorite mice of all time, I think anyone would love it too.


Built in drivers make for easy plug in play experience

Lightweight+elegant design, this mouse feels great

Braided cord never gets tangled

Simple button design: Left and Right click, Scroll + Middle Click, Right Side Button x2, Left Side

Button x2, CPI high/low switch

Built in drivers make for easy plug in play experience


This mouse is perfect