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Sony HT-CT150 Review

Home Theater System  7/10


Sony HT-CT150 Review: 5.1-Channel Sound Bar Home Theater System
Ideal for smaller homes or apartments, the Sony HT-CT150 offers quality sound for a reasonably priced sound bar system, only $299.99. The sound bar is lightweight and looks attractive with a wall-mounted TV setup. The subwoofer isn’t wireless, however, so you’ll need to place it relatively close to the TV; the subwoofer also has the IR receiver, so it needs to be accessible to the remote. Despite the limited setup flexibility, this home-theater-in-a-box provides clear sound with deep bass and avoids that tinny sound you’ll experience with other systems. Its main perk is the three HDMI inputs, and six total inputs for external devices, such as a Wii or other game console. For an affordable price, this home theater system offers great quality and the basic features you’d expect for your home viewing pleasure.

Quick Specs

  • 3 HDMI inputs and 2 optical inputs
  • 6 total inputs for external devices
  • 200 watts

Good value

Easy to install

Great sound quality

Doesn’t require an AV receiver

3D compatible

Supports up to 1080p picture quality


Subwoofer is limited in placement; isn’t wireless

Cluttered remote more complicated than it needs to be

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