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Samsung HT-J5500W

Home Theater System  9/10


Samsung HT-J5500W
For a superior 3D Blu-ray surround sound system from 2015, the Samsung HT-J5500W offers plenty of features to turn up the volume of your movies. The built-in Wi-Fi gives any TV access to all the most popular apps—Netflix, Pandora, Vudu, etc. Another nice inclusion is wireless rear speakers. Finding a place to mount rear speakers without showing too much wire has always been a problem with surround sound systems. Thankfully Samsung has directly addressed this problem with wireless speakers, this alone adds a great deal of value. The Blu-ray player in this set features 3D playback as well. This may be a technology that is phasing out, but more and more TVs are including it. Regardless, the Samsung HT-J5500W offers the advantages of Blu-ray in a single passage, attractively priced around $400.

Quick Specs

  • 5.1 Channel
  • 1000-Watt
  • 3D Blu-Ray Home Theater System
  • Dolby Digital, DTS Digital Surround
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

1000 watts for excellent power

Streams Netflix, Pandora, YouTube, and Vudu and other apps through a Wi-Fi or wired connection

USB lets you play music and other media

Good value

Excellent sound quality

User-friendly interface

Includes wireless rear speakers for less clutter


Includes only 1 HDMI input

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