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Sony BDV-E770W Review

Home Theater System  8.5/10


Sony BDV-E770W Review: 5.1-Channel Blu-Ray Home Theater System
A subdued, matte gray look makes the Sony BDV-E770W quite attractive and sophisticated—and you won’t have to worry about fingerprint smudges. The sound quality of this home theater system is impeccable too. With wireless rear speakers, you can have a comprehensive home theater without all the clutter of wires. The model includes all the major streaming services and DLNA media, and is 3D compatible. The interface may include some extraneous choices that keep it from being completely streamlined, but it’s still easy to navigate the menus. The only real flaw is the lack of HDMI inputs; hooking up (a maximum of three) external devices requires you to use a USB dongle. Still, the plethora of feature and excellent sound quality makes this Blu-ray model well worth the price ($479.99).

Quick Specs

  • 1 GB storage
  • Surround sound
  • 1000 watts total
  • 1080p

Great sound quality

Streaming includes DLNA media and popular streaming services

Rear speakers are wireless

3D Blu-ray compatible

Wi-Fi dongle

Easy-to-navigate menu system

Sophisticated matte-gray design


Lacks HDMI inputs


Requires USB dongle to hook up 3 external devices at a time

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