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Should I Get a Hanging, Wall-Mounted, or Freestanding Pot Rack?

Depending on your kitchen design and personal preferences, you may decide to buy a either a hanging, wall-mounted, or freestanding pot rack. Each variety has its special qualities and attractions, although they all serve basically the same purpose: organizing and storing pots, pans, and utensils.

10 RateHanging pot racks

As you might guess from the name, hanging pot racks are suspended from the ceiling, typically over a kitchen island or near the range. Hanging pot racks usually must be secured to a beam or joist in the ceiling in order to stay in place. The grid is held up by chains, and hooks attached to the grid support the cookware and utensils.

You can find hanging racks in circular, rectangular, and oval shapes.

  • Rectangular racks usually match the shape of the islands they hang over. They’re also easy to fit into corners if that’s where you wish to suspend them.
  • Circular racks are nice because the pots and pans hang evenly all around; one side doesn’t look unbalanced compared to the other.
  • Oval racks are a nice blended version of the rectangular and circular types. They still have a nice curve but they’re also very wide, holding more pots and pans.

Hanging pot racks are sometimes heavy, depending on the material. Unless you have a helping hand, it could be difficult to assemble the rack and install it in a ceiling beam.

10 RateWall-mounted pot racks

If you have limited space in your kitchen, you may be happier with a wall-mounted pot rack, which screws into the wall. Some heavy rack models require you to locate a wall stud; others come with toggle anchors that attach securely to drywall. Either way, wall-mounted racks typically keep pots and pans flush to the wall. You can find some models that extend from the wall, so the cookware hangs from a grid like it does from the hanging variety.

Wall-mounted pot racks are especially advantageous if you want to keep your pot collection within easy reach above the range. Some double as bookshelves for convenient decoration.

10 RateFreestanding pot racks

This variety of pot rack almost resembles a decorative piece of furniture, usually with layers of shelves for storing cookware, books, and other items. You may have an empty corner where a freestanding unit would look nice and complement the décor of the kitchen. Often it’s easier to organize deep stock pots in a cookware stand than on a hanging or wall-mounted rack.



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