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Kinetic Classicor 12021 Review

Pot Rack  8.5/10


Kinetic Classicor 12021 Review: Hanging Wrought-Iron Pot Rack
An affordable and attractive oval pot rack from Kinetic Classicor, this wrought-iron model comes with twelve hooks and can hold up to forty pounds of pots and pans. Secure it with the four ceiling hooks to the ceiling joists for extra security, and you will be impressed with the sturdiness and balance of this pot rack. The hooks go around the oval edge or in the center grid, so you can space your pots and pans out evenly. For a lightweight, inexpensive ($39.42) pot rack, the Kinetic Classicor 12021 is functional and classy looking.


Holds up to 40 lbs. of cookware

Durable wrought iron

Holds 12 hooks around edge and on center grid

Attractive and functional design

Easy to install and adjust height


Lightweight compared to some other models


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