Sharp R-530E Review

Countertop Microwave  8/10


Sharp R-530EFor only $187.14, the Sharp R-530E is a powerful performer good for families whose appliances get a lot of use. The sensor features are fairly reliable, automatically heating or reheating food to the right temperature and avoiding cold spots. A variety of colors—metallic black, white, or stainless steel—gives you the option to match it with any style kitchen. Best of all, with a larger-than-average capacity and a generous glass turntable, this microwave can fit large pans and dishes with ease. It offers copious cooking options; in fact, our main complaint may be that there are too many buttons on the console, making it feel cluttered and hard to navigate. Still, for a reasonable price, the Sharp R-530E is a worthy choice.


Powerful cooking leaves few cold or hot spots

Easy to clean

Generous capacity and wide glass turntable

Sensor reheat mode makes heating food effortless


Busy console

A tad noisy in operation

Flimsy plastic latch


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