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Scotty Cameron Studio Select Laguna 2 Review

Offset Putter  8/10


Scotty Cameron Studio Select Laguna 2Scotty Cameron putters have the hardest, heaviest metal I have ever felt in a putter. There is just no doubt in your mind that the putter is going to make solid contact with the ball on impact when you pick this putter up. I like this older style blade design for Scotty Cameron putters because that’s what they started with when they first introduced putters a few years ago. The company is very proud of the fact that each putter head is precision milled from 303 grade stainless steel. The address and set up of these putters is very nice and you can just see the balancing. This putter is heal-toe weight balanced and may appeal to more advanced players. Scotty Cameron putters are among the most expensive and this one retails for around $299. Do not bother comparing prices – they are the same everywhere. On the bottom of the putter there are two round weights. You might think at first glance that you will be able to adjust the weights yourself if you purchase this putter. Think again. First the putter does not come with any additional weights and second neither does the tool to unscrew them. They are adjustable though – you just have to send the putter in to the Scotty Cameron office in San Diego and possibly join Club Cameron as well (currently $93). We did not find out the price of changing out weights.


Solid, heavy putter head of high grade steel

Precision textured face for gripping the ball

Traditional, classic look and feel

Good for taller players due to less toe flow

Rolled Edges and set up at address



Beginners may have hard time with necessary stroke

Not decisively better than the other traditional offset blades


As an avid golfer and tennis player for most of his life, he enjoys researching the latest in golf and tennis technology as well as analyzing his own game. He has been a writer and reviewer for a dozen years and his work has appeared in numerous publications including CBS, the San Fransisco Chronicle… See more about S. Dee Davis