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Odyssey White Ice D.A.R.T. Long Putter Review

Long Putter  8/10


Odyssey White Ice D.A.R.T. Long PutterThough I didnt like the looks of the putter and didnt like the feel of separating my hands to putt the ball, the results were nothing short of spectacular. Ball after ball rolled in the hole during my testing using the left top, right claw grip. I was impressed. The putter is not inexpensive at $189, but at least you get a lot of metal. The version I tested was 48″ however the 50″ is better for my height. The D.A.R.T. Acronym stands for directional and realignment technology. Seems a bit gimmicky for a long V-shaped line but anyway, results speak and I didnt seem to have any issues lining up putts with this putter. Long putters like this can help take the wrist hinge or handsy movements out of the putting stroke and thus deliver better results. We’ve confirmed with many stores that these putters are selling very well and up to around 30% of total overall new high-priced putter sales. The tacky rubber grip is almost as ugly as the putter head; it’s red with a black spiral line running through it.


Alignment – getting it rolling on the right line

May be preferred for people with lower back pain due to upright positioning


Due to heavy mallet head must really make an effort to accelerate the putter head on short putts

Looks – it’s a god awfull ugly thing

As an avid golfer and tennis player for most of his life, he enjoys researching the latest in golf and tennis technology as well as analyzing his own game. He has been a writer and reviewer for a dozen years and his work has appeared in numerous publications including CBS, the San Fransisco Chronicle… See more about S. Dee Davis