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Samsung DV405 Electric

7.4 Cubic Foot Electric Dryer  9.5/10


Samsung DV405 Electric Dryer
This is one of the few electric dryers on the list in incorporate steam into the drying process. Many gas dryers utilize this feature to help reduce wrinkles and keep clothes looking and smelling fresh after the drying process. The electric model from Samsung is no different. You also get a plethora of additional cycles to choose from, 5 temperature settings, and a large drum capacity to take care of just about anything you can imagine. All of this doesn’t come cheap though. You can get the Samsung Series 4 DV405 for $1099.00 or less.

Quick Specs

  • 13 cycle selections
  • 5 temperature settings
  • 120/240 volts
  • 38.75” H x 27” W x 31” D
  • 7.4 cubic feet

Performance is much quieter than expected

This electric dryer has an appealing look that will improve any laundry room it is placed in

Adjustable time for cycles is incredibly handy if you are in a pinch for dry clothes


Regular cycles seem to take a little longer than a wash cycle, so you may get backed up sometimes

Samsung customer service can be hard to get a hold of if any problems occur


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