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Samsung BD-H6500

4K Upscaling Blu-Ray Player  9.5/10


Samsung BD-H6500 Blu Ray Player
The Samsung BD-H6500 is an ultra-slim, sleek 3D Blu-ray player fully loaded with many useful features. A big improvement over previous models is the inclusion of 4K upscaling, which is relatively new technology, but for those capable of displaying UHD content it is a worthy addition to the player. It is also a very smart device. This will make any TV it is connected to a smart TV. The BD-H6500 has built-in Wi-Fi and access to the Samsung Smart Hub. Searching for more video content is easy thanks to a full web browser; additionally, S-Recommendation offers you top picks based on your previous selections and what’s popular. The price for this feature laden Blu-ray player is about $150 online. 


Includes a full web browser

S-Recommendation helps you find movies and apps you might like

Lets you purchase and share HD versions of your favorite movies

Smart Hub includes the Flixter app, which lets you access your UltraViolet collection

Fast boot-up time—less than a second

3D playback enables you to watch any 3D Blu-ray

Quiet and smooth running

Minimizes the number of wires running between TV, game console, set-top box, etc.

Sleek and slim appearance


A bit on the expensive side for a media player if you already have a gaming console or smart TV

Buttons are on top of the player, which may make them hard to access if it’s in a shelf

The included remote lacks an eject button, forcing you to press the button on the player

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