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Saeco 12-Cup Automatic Drip Coffee Maker Review

12 Cup Coffeemaker  7.5/10


Capresso 465 CoffeeTeam TSSaeco is a brand that typically delivers very high-end cappuccino and espresso makers. The kind you find in restaurants and nice cafes. Saeco brings its high quality engineering to its consumer products with this automatic drip coffee maker. For real coffee connoisseurs, they’ll be pleased to see that the product operates just like the commercial one, keeping the beans at their prime during the brewing process, and letting steam out of the front of the unit rather than impacting taste.

Using a Burr coffee bean grinder, which grinds beans at 8 different settings, from course to fine for user brewing, the Saeco drip coffee maker delivers delicious coffee. Upon opening, make sure the grinder shield is placed with the smooth-side down in the grinder to keep the beans running through the machine smoothly. This small oversight gives consumers an incredible price on a quality machine.

The attractive countertop addition gets the morning going with its pre-programmed brewing features. Enjoy!


Quality coffee brew

Good coffee temperature

Convenient automatic bean grinding

Easy to clean


Beans may become caught in grinder


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