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Cuisinart CHW-12 Review

12 Cup Programmable Coffeemaker  7.7/10


Cuisinart CHW-12Cuisinart is the queen of the coffee maker market, offering many makers for many different lifestyles. One of its newest units brings together a drip coffee maker and a hot water dispenser into one unit. A unit like this will please the coffee and tea and hot chocolate lover in the family.

Designers have thought through and delivered on many of the convenience features for this unit. It’s programmable for the coffee side. The hot plate offers three different temperatures for keeping coffee at the perfect ‘for you’ temperature. Immediate and convenient access to hot water through a separate system is perfect for many uses. The hot water unit allows tall travel mugs to fit in an fill up with hot water.


Have your tea, hot chocolate and coffee too

Good coffee quality

Can keep the coffee heated at a temp that’s right for you


Water in hot water heater needs to remain fairly full to keep indicator light off


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