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Ping Cadence TR PP65 Grip

Blade Putter 9/10


Ping Scottsdale Tomcat SThough the head looks like a mallet, this is a blade putter. It has a slight hook face and gets the ball rolling great off the face. It’s a “cadence” model because it is supposed to help with tempo. It’s surprising how many more putts you hole with this putter. It just jumps off the face with top spin and rolls great. The head is black and slightly offset to assist with getting the ball rolling with topspin. Alignment is easy due to a white alignment line – easily visible off the black mallet head. The face of this putter is not grooved or textured at all which surprised me considering how good it felt at impact. The insert is made from thermoplastic elastomer and gives a solid and soft feel at the same time.


Best results in ball feel coming off face

Soft solid feel good for distance control


Sometimes unpredictable on line

Hookface at address may bother some


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