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Omega J8005 Review

Single-Gear Masticating Juicer  9/10


Omega J8005If you’re interested in an all-purpose juice extractor that handles wheatgrass and leafy greens as well as fruits and vegetables, then you’ll be happy with the Omega J8005. Relatively inexpensive for a masticating juicer at only $259.99, the machine’s juicing process works by chewing up the fibers in food, leaving precious nutrients and enzymes intact in the juice. Because it doesn’t rely on centrifugal force, there’s no foaming, either. The pulp comes out extra dry, and the auto-pulp ejection feature allows you to keep feeding the juicer without stopping to clean out the pulp container. Overall, it’s a highly versatile and effective juicing machine.


Low rpm motor means less frothing and clogging

Also functions as a food processor, pasta extruder, and grinder

Yields maximum juice and very dry pulp

Quiet operation

Masticating process preserves the enzymes and nutrients in the juice


Heavy and bulky


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