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Honda GCV190

21 in. Self-Propelled Gas Mower   9.5/10


Honda GCV190 Self-Propelled Gas Lawn Mower
With the Honda GCV190, handling tough, steep terrain becomes a breeze. The self-propelled mower starts with a single pull, even after being stored way for the winter. One especially nice feature is the blade stop system, which allows you to stop the blade while keeping the motor running in case you need to move any obstacles out of the way. This saves considerable time and effort. The quality of construction is also laudable—Honda takes pride in its machinery. With the ability to vary the degree of bagging and mulching, you have more options. We were impressed with the consistently fine mulching. Overall, it’s a solid purchase.

Quick Specs

  • Bagger
  • Blade stop system
  • Rear wheel drive
  • 0.25 gallon tank capacity
  • Cutting height .75–4 inch

Starts with one pull

Cruise control convenient

Blade clutch feature saves time

Sturdy construction

Very fine mulching—no clumps



Front wheels do not swivel


Steve Holdgren Steve Holdgren is an engineer by trade and has worked for some of the largest energy related engineering firms in the world with his latest stint in Switzerland. He holds a degree is mechanical engineering… See more about Steve