Cyborg R.A.T. 3 Review

Gaming Mouse  9/10


Cyborg R.A.T. 3 Gaming MouseThe R.A.T. 3 by Cyborg has a really unique look, it looks like a device from the future and that’s because it is. This mouse is complicated looking, but it’s actually a very simple mouse, which is what makes it so loved by many. 3200DPI laser sensor gives you great accuracy in game. You can adjust your DPI on the fly from 400 to 3200 in 100dpi steps via the rocker switch on the mouse. 3 Programmable buttons on-top of the left and right paddles give you just 5 buttons total. This makes for a simple experience great for FPS’s and any other games. It is an extremely light mouse, to the point of feeling like you aren’t holding anything, which some people may not like. It feels sturdy though. It really is a unique looking mouse that might scare some people, but after using it you will see how simple and elegant it is. We love this mouse!


A very simple mouse under it’s core, on-top of a unique design

Super lightweight, feels like your holding air

3200 DPI is plenty for us

On the fly DPI rocker is nice for switching DPI when taking those long sniper shots in game


Some people might not like how lightweight the mouse is