Craftsman 37436 Review

Push / Walk-Behind Lawnmower  8/10


Craftsman 37436A sturdy self-propelled gas mower from Craftsman, this machine effectively mulches, bags, or discharges clippings. The rear wheel drive provides better traction than front wheel. We were satisfied with the spring-loaded height adjustment system, which makes changing the height of each wheel a simple process. While this is a fairly noisy mower at 93 decibels, it has a powerful motor and variable drive that makes it easy to maneuver over varied terrains. A moderately priced mower at $350, it also features a wide deck, making the mowing process go faster.


3-in-1 mower mulches, bags, or discharges clippings

Convenient spring-loaded height adjustment

Drive lever responds quickly as a squeeze handle

Drive belt is well shielded under the deck

Easy to start up and handle

Rear wheel drive provides better traction

Mulch bag holds great volume


Noisy as a gas mower

Grass clippings collect under the deck and where the mulch comes out


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