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Head Liquidmetal 8

Women’s Tennis Racquet  8.5/10 By Brittany Rowland The liquidmetal material of this Head Liquidmetal 8 tennis racquet is said to be stronger and more powerful than titanium, and tennis enthusiasts tend to agree—it’s packed with power. Ideal for intermediate players looking for some extra punch, its “Total Sweetspot Construction” technology ensures that each hit has […]

Prince Triple Threat Bandit

Women’s Tennis Racquet  9/10 By Brittany Rowland At a medium power level, the Prince Triple Threat Bandit Over tennis racquet, made of titanium, offers impressive power. The enlarged sweetspot makes it easier to get the best shot each time, and it gives the racquet an overall satisfying feel in the hand. We were also impressed […]

EX03 Tennis Racquet

Prince EXO3 Black 100 vs. Prince EXO3 Rebel 95

By S. Dee Davis Prince has developed the EXO3 series of racquets, designed for the advanced player. Two racquets, the Prince EXO3 Black 100 Tour Series and the Prince EXO3 Rebel 95, are both high-end racquets with several different factors. Let’s compare the two models to see if one has a distinct advantage over the […]

Understanding a Tennis Racquet's Sweet Spot

Understanding a Tennis Racquet’s Sweet Spot

By S. Dee Davis A tennis racquet with a large, stiff head provides an expanded sweet spot, as you’ve probably heard several racquet manufacturers say. If you’re new to tennis, you’re probably wondering what exactly is the sweet spot, and how does it affect how the ball hits the racquet? Where exactly on the strings […]

Head Tis5 Tennis Racquet Review

Tennis Racquet  8/10 By S. Dee Davis Beginners and intermediate players will appreciate the Head Tis5 racquet, which provides a comfortable grip, lightweight feel, and great control. Easy to wield and maneuver at only 8.74 ounces strung, it has an enlarged sweet spot and handles shots at all kinds of angles. Even with a slow, […]

Wilson WRT32080U Tennis Racquet Review

Tennis Racquet  8/10 By S. Dee Davis A beginner’s racquet with lightweight yet powerful construction, the Wilson Triumph is small enough to not overwhelm new tennis players. At just 8 ounces, it’s easy to wield and swing, and its enlarged sweet spot guarantees you’ll hit even those off-center shots with some power. In fact, if […]

Head Liq-Siz Tennis Racquet Review

Tennis Racquet  8.5/10 By S. Dee Davis A tennis racquet from Head made of liquid metal, this racquet is stronger than typical titanium racquets. If you’re an avid tennis player, you’ll feel the difference immediately with this lightweight model. It’s only 9.3 ounces and very well balanced. The sweet spot extends through nearly the entire […]

Prince EXO3 Tennis Racquet Review

Tennis Racquet  9.5/10 By S. Dee Davis A high-end racquet, the Prince EXO3 Black 100 Tour Series blends power with control on even those off-center shots. If you’re an aggressive baseline player, you need a racquet heavy enough to give you great power. While this racquet is on the heavier side at 11.4 ounces, it’s […]