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Kholer Lawn Boy 10604  8.5/10 Rear wheel drive Non-CARB compliant Height adjustment 1–4 inches A lightweight, affordable self-propelled mower, the Lawn Boy 10604 packs a lot of power. It runs easily up inclines, making the work easier for you. In fact, at full speed, you’d have to jog…read more Back to Top Self Propelled Mowers

Self Propelled Mower Comparison

Self Propelled Mower Comparison: Husqvarna HU800AWD vs Honda GCV190

By Steve Holdgren If you are in the market for a new high-powered self-propelled lawnmower, it may help to compare the features of two popular models, the Honda GCV190 and the Husqvarna HU800AWD. The two lawnmowers are in the same price range—the Honda GCV190 is $699, whereas the Husqvarna HU800AWD is $509.99. Let’s look at […]

Front vs Rear Wheel Drive Mowers

Front vs Rear Wheel Drive Self Propelled Lawn Mower

By Steve Holdgren Self-propelled lawnmowers have two types of drive: front wheel and rear wheel. But what does that mean, and which one is better? Essentially, when a gearbox propels the rear wheels, it’s a rear wheel drive mower. When the gearbox propels the front wheels, it’s a front wheel drive mower. What type of […]

Yard Machines 12A-A13K729

21″ 140cc Self-Propelled Mower  7/10 By Steve Holdgren The Yard Machines 12A-A13K729 is an affordable, lightweight self-propelled mower that handles thick grass and inclines with ease. The mower was simple to assemble and get going. We were pleased with how easy it was to adjust the wheel height to handle different grass heights. We noticed, […]

Toro 20371

22″ Self-Propelled Mower  7/10 By Steve Holdgren An affordable, easy-to-handle self-propelled mower, the Toro 20371 typically starts on the first or second pull of the cord. Its speed and power are impressive, although sometimes it’s difficult to keep it going in a straight line. We liked that the tank is easy to refill with fuel […]

John Deere JS28

22″ Self-Propelled Mower  7.5/10 By Steve Holdgren The John Deere JS28 features mow-mentum drive, which gives users greater speed control for better mowing. Its rugged steel deck can handle hilly, uneven terrains, aided by the large, 8-inch rear wheels which roll smoothly on its bearings. We were satisfied with how easily the John Deere JS28 […]

Husqvarna HU700FH

22 inch Self-Propelled Push Mower  8/10 By Steve Holdgren Combining the Honda and Husqvarna names, the Husqvarna HU700FH has great power but runs fairly quietly. Starting on the first or second pull, it runs smoothly up and down hills. The variable speed control, located on the handles, gives you the ability to set the pace, […]

Kholer Lawn Boy 10604

20″ Self Propelled Lawnmower  8.5/10 By Steve Holdgren A lightweight, affordable self-propelled mower, the Lawn Boy 10604 packs a lot of power. It runs easily up inclines, making the work easier for you. In fact, at full speed, you’d have to jog to keep up, but the speed control is easy to adjust. This Lawn […]

John Deere JS36

190cc Self-Propelled Mower  8.5/10 By Steve Holdgren One of the nicest features of the John Deere JS36 is that when you release the control, the engine and blades stop immediately. This provides greater control to the person mowing. The John Deere JS36 also offers solid construction and design, including a simple pivoting lever to raise […]

Husqvarna HU800H

22″ 160cc Self-Propelled Mower  8.5/10 By Steve Holdgren With a powerful Honda engine, the Husqvarna HU800H starts easily with a single pull and runs smoothly. Best suited to medium to large lawns, its speed controls are on the handles; a drawback is that you have to hold them down the entire time, which can quickly […]

Honda GCV190

21 in. Self-Propelled Gas Mower   9.5/10 By Steve Holdgren With the Honda GCV190, handling tough, steep terrain becomes a breeze. The self-propelled mower starts with a single pull, even after being stored way for the winter. One especially nice feature is the blade stop system, which allows you to stop the blade while keeping […]

Honda HRR216K9VKA

21 in. 3-in-1 Self-Propelled Mower  9.5/10 By Steve Holdgren A great value at $399, The Honda 21 in. 3-in-1 Variable Speed Self-Propelled Gas Mower is well worth the price for its incredible power, top-notch construction, and durability. It can handle tall, tough grass with ease, and it rolls up and down hills with no issues. […]