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amFilm Premium HD Clear Screen Protectors

2-Pack HD Screen Protectors for Apple iPad  7.5/10 Designed to be virtually invisible on the iPad screen, the amFilm Premium HD Clear screen protector will not distort the colors or clarity of the iPad display. Screen protectors are notoriously tricky to apply evenly and with no bubbles, but this pack comes with an extra screen […]

Lipper International Bamboo Expandable and Adjustable iPad Stand

Bamboo iPad Stand  8/10 For a simple, elegant iPad stand, consider the Lipper International Bamboo Expandable and Adjustable iPad Stand. The stand conveniently expands lengthwise to fit the iPad in its horizontal and vertical positions. It also leaves a space at the bottom for the charging port, so you can charge the tablet while you […]

Top Foldable Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Case

Wireless Keyboard for Bluetooth Devices  8/10 If you’re looking for a wireless Bluetooth keyboard to make typing with your tablet (or smartphone) easier, then the Foldable Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Case is a valid choice at $19.99. The keyboard folds up in the middle and fits conveniently in the included pouch. The keyboard is full size […]

amPen Ultra-Sensitive Capacitive Stylus

Stylus for iPad, Tablets, E-readers, and Smartphones  8.5/10 This stylus from amPen protects your iPad touchscreen from oily fingerprint smudges and improves sensitivity. The rubber tip is soft and ultra-sensitive, leaving no marks or scratches on the screen. Of course, a stiffer, narrower tip could improve accuracy when it comes to writing on the screen, […]

Targus CleanVu Cleaning Pads

3-Pack iPad Cleaning Pads  8.5/10 Keeping fingerprint smudges and oily residue off your iPad or tablet can be a frustrating challenge, but with the Targus CleanVu cleaning pads, the task isn’t as hard. The pads are made of a soft suede-like material on the cleaning side, and a leather-like material with a finger strap on […]

TabSuit 7” PU Leather Case for 7” Tablet Dragon Touch

7-Inch Leather Folio Case  9/10 This protective case and stand from TabSuit protects the 7-inch Tablet Dragon Touch tablet. The PU leather exterior feels durable and strong, while the interior is gentle on the tablet, protecting it from scratches. The case holds the tablet perfectly and closes securely with a magnetic flap. The cover folds […]

Arkon Travel iPad and Android Tablet Stand

Portable Fold-Up Stand for iPad, Samsung Galaxy Note Pro, Galaxy Tab, and Nexus 7  9/10 Anytime you want to view your iPad or tablet in an upright angle while keeping your hands free, this Arkon fold-up stand will do the trick. The stand folds up into a compact form, about the size of an eyeglasses […]

Best iPad and Tablet Accessories

Top 10 Rated iPad and Tablet Accessories Apple iPads and other tablets are all the rage, and owners are always looking for accessories that make the tablet experience even greater. We examined several accessories—from protective cases and stylus pens to card readers and cleaning cloths—and picked our top 10 based on the following qualities: 1. […]

Kindle FreeTime KKFSWA2Y

Kid-Proof Case for New Kindle Fire HD Tablet  9/10 Kindle FreeTime has come out with a protective case for the Kindle Fire HD that protects the tablet from kids’ use without impeding any of its functions, buttons, or ports. The durable material has a nice, cushioned feel to it, in bright purple or pink. The […]


7-Inch Tablet Stand and Carrying Case with USB Keyboard  9.5/10 Working on a tablet becomes a lot easier when you can stand it up and use a physical keyboard. This tablet stand for 7-inch tablets from Kamor solves your problems. The faux leather carrying case includes pockets for styluses, a keyboard, and an extendable stand. […]

Best Waterproof iPad Cases

Top Rated Waterproof iPad Cases By Jon Bannister As iPads and other tablets become more commonly used in our day-to-day activities, we need a reliable protective case that safeguards the iPad from water splashes. Whether you want to enjoy your tablet at the pool or beach, or you have a messy kid who could spill […]

Cleaning a Touchscreen with a Microfiber Cloth

By Steve Holdgren The touchscreen on your smartphone or tablet lets you operate the gadget with ease, but it also picks up unattractive fingerprints and smudges that can be difficult to wipe off with a basic cloth. Microfiber cloths are designed to lift off these oily marks and leave the screen clear and polished. Many […]

The Benefits of a Touchscreen Stylus

By JB Burden Why do you need a stylus if your smartphone or tablet screen responds to your finger? Well, there are several benefits to using a stylus, the most notable one being that it cuts down on the fingerprint smudges. You’ll definitely appreciate making your high tech gadget look more attractive. Other advantages: A […]

Resistive and Capacitive Touchscreens: Understanding the Difference

By JB Burden Most of our gadgets today feature touchscreens. We’ve long hand touchscreens on ATMs, supermarket check-out lines, and other public places. But you’ve probably noticed that the touchscreen on your smartphone or tablet works differently than the touchscreen at the bank drive-thru. Why is that? The difference lies in the type of touchscreen, […]

HDE AD-GCPD22-7C vs. Arkon IPM-TAB1: Comparing Two Tablet Stands

By JB Burden The 7-inch tablet stand and carrying case from HDE and the Arkon portable fold-up tablet stand are two popular options for viewing the iPad or other tablet in an upright position. The HDE stand also functions as a protective carrying case and comes with a USB keyboard to make typing easier. The […]

Cosmos vs. Bluecell Stylus Pens

By JB Burden Styluses come in handy whether you’re using a tablet, smartphone, e-reader, or other device with a touchscreen. Some people even carry around their styluses to use on public ATMs or kiosks. A good stylus works on capacitive and resistive screens. Cosmos and Bluecell are two manufacturers that offer inexpensive styluses for smartphones […]