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amPen Ultra-Sensitive Capacitive Stylus

Stylus for iPad, Tablets, E-readers, and Smartphones  8.5/10

Cosmos Stylus
This stylus from amPen protects your iPad touchscreen from oily fingerprint smudges and improves sensitivity. The rubber tip is soft and ultra-sensitive, leaving no marks or scratches on the screen. Of course, a stiffer, narrower tip could improve accuracy when it comes to writing on the screen, but stiffer tips can also leave marks behind. This stylus, in stylish black, has a dongle for attaching it to your device via the earphone jack, so you’re less likely to misplace it. It’s lightweight and fairly durable if not handled roughly. We were pleased with the durability of the tip; compared to other styluses, it seems built to hold up with extended use. This functional stylus is available for $5.99.


Clips let you attach styluses to a pocket, book, tablet case, diary, etc.

1-year replacement warranty

Soft stylus tip won’t scratch touchscreens

Dongle attaches stylus to earphone jack

Tip lasts longer than most styluses


Stiffer tips could improve accuracy and make them more durable

Rounded tip can be difficult to use for precise work

Pack comes with only one stylus