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Best Graphics Card

Best Graphics Card

Top 10 Rated Graphics Cards By Brian Jones The graphics card is one of the computer components that will really make or break your machine. Most of the time big box store made computers include integrated graphics. That means there is no part of your computer dedicated to processing video information. That’s okay, but you […]

ASUS Radeon HD6570

Low Profile Graphics Card  8.5/10 By Brian Jones The Asus Radeon HD 6570 is a budget model graphics card that will take care of the most basic HD video needs, and then some. It is not going to be the go-to gaming card, but it won’t have a problem running older games at high settings […]

MSI GTX 660 Ti

Superclocked 2GB Graphics Card  9/10 By Brian Jones The only graphics card from MSI, the GTX 660 Ti model is a solid component for your gaming or home theater computer. The really unique thing about this particular card is MSI’s Twin Frozr IV feature. The fans keep the card 14 degrees Celsius cooler and they […]

EVGA GeForce GTX770

Superclocked 2GB Graphics Card  9.5/10 By Brian Jones This may only be a 2GB graphics card in a world where they are stepping up to 3GB and 4GB, but the GeForce GTX770 is able to hold its own and then some. It has 1536 processing cores to really make it blazing fast. Like some of […]