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ASUS Radeon HD6570

Low Profile Graphics Card  8.5/10


ASUS Radeon HD6570
The Asus Radeon HD 6570 is a budget model graphics card that will take care of the most basic HD video needs, and then some. It is not going to be the go-to gaming card, but it won’t have a problem running older games at high settings or newer PC games at lower settings. DVI and HDMI are the output options here, so most monitors are going to be covered with a max DVI resolution of 2560×1600. Not bad considering the price of this little budget card. Compared to a lot of the powerhouse cards on the list, this one doesn’t really have much going on. The clock speed is 650 MHz and it runs on a PCI Express 2.1 slot. If you are looking to get by with a little more than the bare minimum when it comes to video, this is the way to go. You can find the Asus Radeon HD 6570 on sale for around $80.

Quick Specs

  • DDR3 2GB
  • PCI Express 2.1
  • 650 MHz
  • Fan Sink
  • Super Alloy Power

Special dust-proof fan designs allow the card to have a 25% longer lifespan

Price is one of the best features for this card

A 2GB card this cheap would be a very nice upgrade for a desktop that is beginning to show its age when it comes to light gaming

The GPU fan speeds and voltage can be tweaked in the interface for specialized performance


This card doesn’t offer a lot of punch when it comes to graphics




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