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Panasonic LUMIX DMC-LX7K

10.1 MP Digital Camera with 3.8x Optical Zoom  9.5/10 By Brian Jones With 10.1 MP, the Panasonic LUMIX DMC-LX7K compact digital camera produces superbly sharp photos. You are going to see minimal noise and/or blurriness all sorts of photographs. We liked the really fast f/1.4 Leica lens for low light photography. That also lets you […]

GE Power PRO X550-BK

16 MP Digital Camera with 15x Optical Zoom  9/10 By Brian Jones This relatively low-priced ultra zoom camera acts as a bridge between point and shoots and an DSLRs. It has a powerful zoom for a compact camera at 15x. The 16 MP sensor is going to make very sharp images as well. A ton […]

More Compact Cameras

GE X500-BK  9/10 Colors: Black, White 2.7-inch LCD screen 16 MP 15x wide-angle optical zoom 1 pound 5.5” x 6.7” x 3.9” A low-priced bridge camera, a stepping stone between a point and shoot and an SLR, this GE digital camera has powerful 15x optical zooming… read more Panasonic DMC-FH25K  9/10 Colors: Black, Blue, Red, […]

Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-WX80

16.2 Megapixel Digital Camera  7/10 By Brian Jones This is a great little point and shoot for beginning photographers and anyone looking to upgrade an out of date digital camera will find exactly what they are looking here. One of the best things about this Cyber-Shot from Sony is the size. It’s a really small […]

Pentax K-30

16 Megapixel DSLR  7.5/10 By Brian Jones The K30 from Pentax is another solid choice for someone who doesn’t want a camera from the major players in the industry. This is a mid level camera that should take care of most photographic needs an amateur can think up. What this one lacks in brand name […]

Sony A65

24.3 Megapixel DSLR  9/10 By Brian Jones With the Sony Alpha A65 Digital SLR Sony has constructed a great intermediate offering. There are plenty of choice below and above this one for different levels of photographers. This one offers enough features and technological upgrades to make photographers of many levels happy. The 24.3 MP HD […]

USA Gear FlexArmor

Soft Digital Camera Holster  7.5/10 By Brian Jones If minimalism is your approach, this bag from USA Gear is just for you. This is a sleeve type camera bag that conforms exactly to your camera and provides a minimal level of protection. It really only has you covered from bumps, scratches, and dust. It’s not […]

Pelican 1050 Micro-Case

Hard Digital Camera Case  7.5/10 By Brian Jones This neat little case is for those of you without a large digital camera. The Pelican Micro-Case will hold and protect any point and shoot camera that will fit inside. It even has a carabiner attached so you can clip your camera to your belt or a […]

Case Logic SLRC-201

Digital Camera Bag  7.5/10 By Brian Jones This is a camera bag designed to carry your camera with a zoom lens attached. This is a good idea because a zoom lens usually makes the camera much larger and won’t fit into a normal camera bag or backpack. This way you will be ready to pull […]

Lowepro Slingshot 202

Slingshot Camera Bag  8/10 By Brian Jones This slingshot camera bag makes it easy to move the bag from your back to a ready position in front of you. The over-the-shoulder design makes it comfortable to wear for long periods before you are ready to shoot. The 202 slingshot bag is big enough to carry […]

Precision Design 2000

DSLR Camera Bag  8/10 By Brian Jones The Precision Design 2000 camera bag is large and will hold just about anything you can imaging you would need on a shoot. The bag is designed to hold your camera with a lens attached, 4 lenses, and a host of accessories. The dividers inside the bag can […]

AmazonBasics SLR Backpack

Camera Backpack  8.5/10 By Brian Jones Amazon really delivers when it comes to their take on the camera bag. This bag is designed to hold 2 camera bodies, 3-4 lenses, and a lot of accessories. The main compartment has adjustable sections so you can achieve a personalized fit for your gear. The bag has padded […]

Canon 2400 SLR Gadget Bag

Shoulder Camera Bag  8.5/10 By Brian Jones If you love Canon products, this is going to be a satisfying bag. It’s still a great bag is you don’t love Canon products too. This is a shoulder strap type bag, so it is easy to get on and off and working out of it is a […]

Case Logic SLRC-206

Camera Backpack  9/10 By Brian Jones On the go photographers know how important it is to have all of their gear with them on a photo shoot. Camera gear is one thing, but what about their digital darkroom? This backpack has it all covered. It is large enough to store all of your camera gear, […]

Pelican 1300

Hard Camera Case  9/10 By Brian Jones You can’t beat a hard carrying case. Especially one that comes in an assortment of colors so you can pick the one that best fits you. The Pelican 1300 case is waterproof, crushproof, and dustproof. There isn’t a better protecting case out there. Foam inserts let you customize […]

Kata DR-466 Camera Bag and Backpack

Kata DR-466

Camera Backpack  9.5/10 By Brian Jones This is a great option for those who don’t want a camera bag that they have to carry over the shoulder or by a handle. This is a sleek looking backpack that will have no problem storing all the gear you bring with you on the go. It even […]