Broan F403023 Review

Range Hoods  7/10


Broan F403023 Range Hood
You can’t find many decent range hoods for under $100, but this Broan 30-inch black hood does the trick considering it’s only $46.97. You have the option of installing it four ways—ducted vertically, horizontally, round vertically, or non-ducted. To be non-ducted, you have to purchase a separate charcoal filter. The hood has a 190 CFM ventilation system, which is adequate for removing the impurities that come from the stove. While this model is inexpensive and fairly noisy at 6.5 sones, it’s overall a decent performer and not too difficult to install.


Aluminum filter is dishwasher safe

Includes a 7-inch round plate

Non-fussy installation


Vents smoke and grease effectively


Quite noisy

Filter arrangement is somewhat flimsy


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