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Bissell 3106B Review

Stick Vacuums  7.5/10


Bissell 3106B Review: Bagless FeatherWeight Stick Vacuum
For a lightweight stick vacuum, the Bissell 3106B handles hardwoods and small carpet areas quite well, sucking up dirt, crumbs, and pet hair. The 16-foot power cord is long enough to let you reach most areas of the room. The vacuum also converts into a handheld version that lets you clean sofa cushions, stairs, and window sills. There’s a crevice tool included; we just wish it fit onboard somewhere. And while the vacuum is compact, it could use a ring in the handle to hook to the wall so it stands upright. As it is, it tends to slide to one side. Despite some tiny flaws, we were satisfied with how well it spot vacuums and how quickly you can pull it out and do your work. The vacuum costs $24.99.


Easily covers rugs, hardwoods, and upholstery

Lightweight and easily portable

Converts into a handheld vac for cleaning stairs, upholstery, and shelves

Long power cord

Reaches narrow spots with the crevice tool

Good suction


Dirt canister isn’t transparent

Crevice tool isn’t stored onboard

Doesn’t stand upright without the handle sliding over


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