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Amana AMC5143AA Review

Countertop Microwave  7.5/10


Amana AMC5143AAAn efficient and satisfactory performer, this Amana countertop microwave delivers a plethora of cooking options and convenient settings like the auto defrost and reheat features. Even children can figure out the direct controls, which include buttons for popular kids’ meals. Additionally, the rotating turntable ensures that food cooks uniformly without cold spots. This Amana model provides enough special features to compensate for the modest cavity space, and it runs amazingly quietly. If I have any caveats, it’s that the door doesn’t seem as heavy and sturdy as some other models’, but at $161 it’s still a great bargain for its performance and durability.


Adjustable more/less time option

Sensor controls for popcorn, pizza, potato, fresh veggies, and frozen foods

Auto reheat and defrost settings

Chime adjustable in volume and melody

Cooking options for kids’ meals and snacks

Quiet operation


Small buttons difficult to read

Lightweight door seems flimsy


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