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5 Tips for Tennis Racquet Care


As you well know, a tennis racquet is your primary instrument for playing the sport, and it can be quite an investment. Some racquets cost well over $100, and you want to take proper care of them so you get the most out of them. Here are some basic maintenance tips to ensure the long life of your tennis racquet.

1. Don’t abuse your racquet

This seems obvious, but some people don’t seem to realize that banging or throwing their racquets can cause significant damage to the frames, compromising the integrity of the racquet. Many racquets are composed of graphite fibers that can be damaged over time if treated to shocks and bumps.

2. Replace the grip at least twice a year

As the grip is the part of the racquet you handle the most, you’ll want to keep it in good shape, for the sake of your hand and arm as much as the racquet.

3. Keep it in the case

If your racquet came with a carrying case, great! If not, it’s advisable to get one. Cases will protect your racquet in the long term much better than a backpack or gym bag (or, heaven forbid, the trunk of your car).

4. Restring your racquet regularly

Once the tension goes out of the strings, you’ll notice a marked difference in your control and power. Experts recommend restringing your racquet throughout the year, generally the same number of times per year as the number of hours per week you play. So the more regularly you practice, the more often you restring.

5. Don’t expose your racquet to extreme temperatures

If you must endure sweltering hot summers or frigid winters when you play, then get in the habit of bringing your racquet indoors with you after leaving the tennis court. Extreme temperatures can cause all sorts of problems in your racquet: warped frame, stiff or loosened strings, and so on.

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