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Understanding a Tennis Racquet’s Sweet Spot


10 RateA tennis racquet with a large, stiff head provides an expanded sweet spot, as you’ve probably heard several racquet manufacturers say. If you’re new to tennis, you’re probably wondering what exactly is the sweet spot, and how does it affect how the ball hits the racquet?

Where exactly on the strings the ball hits has an effect on the vibrations that it sends through the strings and the racquet. The sweet spot is the place on the strings where you feel the fewest vibrations when the ball hits it. It’s generally located near the center of the head. When you miss the sweet spot and the ball hits near the edge of the string surface, you’re likely to feel more jarring vibrations coursing through the handle to your arm.

To put it most simply, the sweet spot is the area on the string surface where you get the greatest power with the least effort. For that reason, it’s the spot that tennis players always aim for with their shots. If you’re a beginner, you should start with an oversized racquet with the largest sweet spot. It’s the most forgiving even when you don’t hit the ball dead center.

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