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Whirlpool WGD9750W Review

27″ Gas Dryer  7.5/10


Whirlpool WGD9750WWhen paired with its Whirlpool washing machine counterpart, this gas dryer uses about 40 percent less energy than comparable models. Its drum has a 7.5 cu. ft. capacity, large enough to hold bulky, heavy loads. Its sensors detect moisture in the clothes to adjust the heat and time of the cycle to give you the best results. Stylistically, it’s an attractive piece, with a large circular viewing window and the controls arranged neatly across the top. For as low as $955.88, you’ll be more than satisfied with the dryer’s overall performance and its steam technology that makes clothes fresher.


Sensors detect when clothes are dry and shuts off automatically to save energy and prevent shrinking

A steam refresh cycle freshens clothes and reduces wrinkles and odors

Large-capacity drum holds bulky items like comforters, jackets, and sleeping bags

Includes an eco-friendly normal cycle and a sanitizing cycle

Sound-dampening materials surround the drum


Drum not stainless steel

Makes a bit of noise

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