Whirlpool MT4155SPB Review

Countertop Microwave  8/10


Whirlpool MT4155SPBA stable, recessed glass turntable means more space in this Whirlpool countertop model. With a Maxwave cooking system, food heats up evenly and quickly. It’s a small and boxy model, but 1,200 watts gives it powerful cooking abilities. The controls are simple and easy to program. For convenience, automatic sensors make reheating and defrosting food easier: no more burnt or overcooked dishes. Best of all, this Whirlpool microwave packs in a lot of features for a low price of $139.99.


Cooks uniformly with Maxwave system

Great price

Easy to clean

Child lock feature

Sensor cooking settings

Add 30 seconds feature


Door release button may stick

No turntable on/off option


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