KitchenAid Glass Carafe Coffee Maker Review

14 Cup Coffeemaker  7/10


KitchenAid 14-Cup Glass Carafe Coffee MakerUsers who enjoy their coffee all day long, will like the large size of Kitchen Aid’s automatic coffee maker. One of its best features is the removable water tank, which is typically only found in automatic coffee makers at much higher prices. Kitchen Aid brings this high-end feature and many other convenient features to this coffee maker.

Brewing does take a bit longer than you’d find in other comparable add grounds, water and go coffee makers, but Kitchen Aid focused on the actual quality of the coffee taste. Their brewing process lets the water settle into through the coffee grounds to absorb most of the flavor.

We give this product high marks for the traditional ease of use, although some may find the programming features a little cumbersome, at first. The coffee carafe, while the largest in our final top 10 rated review list, does have a small pour spout, which is something to know for those always in a hurry.


Removable water tank

Very large pot size

Lets you know when the last pot of coffee was brewed


Programming can be a pain

The brew button is also the off button


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