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Blendtec HP3A Review

96-Oz. Blender  9/10


Blendtec HP3AAnother powerful blender from Blendtec with an astounding 96-ounce pitcher, this model holds up to three quarts of whatever you want to mix in it: soups, dressings, smoothies, milkshakes, etc. Its preprogrammed cycles make it easy to get the best mixing results for whatever you’re blending. Also, the square blending jar truly stands out and pours better than the regular round kind. With so much horsepower, this blender is going to be really noisy at the highest setting, but thankfully it pulverizes food quickly. For $474.95, the Blendtec WildSide blender won’t disappoint with its strong performance.


Square jar design is unique and pours easily with fewer spills

Powerful 1,560-watt motor rotates blades at 29,000 rpm

Tremendous jar capacity holds 3 quarts

6 preprogrammed settings and 10 speeds

Quick and simple to clean



Lid leaks a little if jar is filled too much


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