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Motorokr S305

Wireless Heaphones with Bluetooth  8/10


Motorokr S305 Wireless Heaphones
The S305 wireless headphones from Motorola come in a stylish behind the neck design, are comfortable over long periods of time, and deliver satisfying sound quality over Bluetooth. Music and voice will come through with clarity and range. The controls work well and make it easy to adjust volume or change tracks. The person on the other end won’t even know you aren’t using the phone directly when talking, a big plus when it comes to headsets. These wireless headphones sell for $35.99-$59.99. That’s a great deal.

Quick Specs

  • 6.5 hours talk/music, 100 hours standby time
  • Compatible with iPhone and stereo Bluetooth enabled devices
  • On ear music controls

These are sweat resistant making them good for use during exercise

Recharge time is about 2 hours

Built in mic works well and calls com in clear


Requires a seperate purchase for use with iPods and iPhones but can be used with iPod Touch out of the box

On ear controls are confusing until you learn the exact placements


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